The Renaissance of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring’s extensive history was largely forgotten when modern hardwood floor trends moved towards large planks of wood. Parquet flooring uses block patterns, rather than solid wood planks, which allows you to create eye-catching patterns and texture on your floor. Read more

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How To Avoid Damage To Your Hardwood Flooring

New hardwood floors can completely revitalize and renew a space. Once your new floors have been installed, it can be tempting to just enjoy them and not think about how to ensure that they will look good for decades to come. You spent a lot of time and money on the right hardwood flooring for your Toronto home or office, so it is worth it to take preventative measures to limit scratches and other damage. Read more

Hardwood Flooring And The Environment

Choose Hardwood Floors That Support And Value The Environment

In our Toronto designer showroom, we have large hardwood flooring panels on display to showcase the flooring choices we offer. Customers can touch the floors and feel the difference between the 100+ surfaces and finish treatments to choose from.

But choosing hardwood floors is more than just making a design decision. At European Flooring, we truly value wood as one of nature’s best and most extraordinary materials and our outstanding European engineered white oak flooring collections that directly reflects those beliefs. Read more

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Environmentally Sustainable Choices for Your Home Project

As we grow more aware of the importance of respecting the environment, we want to make sustainable choices in all areas of our lives. There are a several ways you can make better, more eco-conscious choices while renovating your home. From environmentally friendly paint to sustainable hardwood flooring, there’s no need to sacrifice style and quality while respecting the environment. Read more

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Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring

When you visit our showroom to browse our hardwood flooring selection, we take the time to listen to your ideas, learn about your project, and then help you identify the best options to suit your project based on your unique needs. At European Flooring, we always educate our clients on the differences between engineered hardwood flooring options such as wide plank hardwood flooring, oiled hardwood floors, and the many other choices worth considering.

European Flooring’s showroom displays and showcases our products so you can really get a feel for the quality and appearance of the hardwood flooring options that we offer. When choosing hardwood floors for your Toronto home or business, visiting our showroom means that you will have the ability to touch the floors and feel the difference between all of our surfaces and finish treatments. Read more

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Six Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2017

Interior design involves more than just paint colours and furniture. Your flooring can also be a beautiful and luxurious extension of your home’s style and décor. From wide plank hardwood flooring, to ash and white oak hardwood flooring, to oiled hardwood floors, the right flooring can make a stylish statement in your home. If you’re looking to update your hardwood flooring, we’ve collected the top six trends for hardwood floors in Toronto. Read more

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Adding Life to Your Hardwood Floors

A brand-new luxury hardwood floor is a beautiful addition to your home, and you probably can’t wait to show it off to visitors. However, you must take care of your hardwood flooring to maintain it’s new appearance. After all, a floor is designed to be walked on. People will walk on it; children will drop things; furniture will be moved; liquids will spill. Even engineered wood flooring will succumb to the weathering. The only way to keep that hardwood floor in pristine condition is to close off the room to all traffic. But, all is not lost. With a little perseverance, diligence, maintenance, and prevention, you can keep your hardwood flooring looking beautiful for a long time. Read more

Winter Care and Maintenance

Door mats

The winter season brings with it snow, slush, salt and other dirt, which are some of wood’s worst enemies. The trick is to keep the elements outdoors. Place door mats outside and rubber-backed rugs inside at every entrance of the house to prevent the accumulation of salt, sand or abrasive dust; ensure that the rugs are kept relatively dry and ready to absorb moisture.  Another suggestion is to have a visible designated place for wet shoes away from your hardwood floors; consider getting a boot tray to contain the mess. If you have pets, try to routinely deal with their wet paws before entering your home; train them to stop at the door and wait to be dried off. Another important item is to vacuum or sweep the floor a bit more frequently in the winter season, ideally with an antistatic mop or broom. Never use a wet mop on your hardwood floor, as it deteriorates the floors. Instead, get a floor care system specified for your floor and carefully follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. We recommend Parquet Cleaner by Floor Service for our floors, which is bio-degradable and non-toxic.

Avant Garde – Engineered Wood Flooring

Avant Garde | April ‘14 |Vicky Blog

Engineered Hardwood…What Gives?


Your flooring is in many ways the hardest-working feature of your home. Not only must it look beautiful and complement your personal design style, but it must also withstand the demands you place upon it – whether children, pets, entertaining, or just day-to-day living. Today’s quality Engineered Hardwood offers an array of options to meet these demands with style and hard-working resilience – qualities making it a popular choice with today’s designers.

To learn more, I spoke with well known Interior Designer, Lana Lounsbury from Lana Lounsbury Interior Design in Victoria, to get the real scoop on Engineered Hardwood from a Designers Perspective.

1 | Lana, Tell us about your design business and the types of clients that you work with?

Our focus is residential and private office design and renovation. What both our residential and commercial clients have in common is that they want their spaces to reflect their personality. It’s not just about having a nice sofa, a new kitchen or an updated office, it’s creating an environment that feels just like you want it to feel and has the power to make others feel that way too. Design is a powerful tool!

2 | How do you remain current with the most cutting-edge products, services, and new design trends?

We keep up-to-date with design industry products and innovations in numerous ways, from something as simple as design blogs and magazine subscriptions to having trusted professionals in niche markets keep us updated about their unique fields.

We also attend continuing education seminars to keep our certifications and our knowledge up to date. It’s important to know not only what’s going on in each field, but to understand the impact for our climate, homes and market. What works in Dubai isn’t always going to work in BC!

Our clients appreciate our comprehensive knowledge of products, trends and services and our ability to cut through the nonsense for them. It’s a valuable service we offer to be able to say, “This, this and this are all available and we would use THIS for these three reasons.”

Lounsbury Interiors3 | What characteristics are most people are seeking in an Engineered Hardwood Floor?

A semi-casual look, natural oiled finish, easy care, wide width and mid-tone colour are the most popular floors right now.

4 | Are there myths out there about Engineered Hardwood you’ve been able to dispel for clients?

There can be a misconception that Engineered Hardwood doesn’t offer the same quality as traditional hardwood. In fact, much of the quality of an Engineered Hardwood is in the core as well as the top layer of wood. Those two factors combine to make a floor plank longer, more dent-resistant and wider than its solid counterpart could ever be without warping or twisting. The smoked oak engineered floor in our design studio has been installed for nearly seven years (glued down to concrete), and despite south-facing windows, two dogs and designers in stilettos it still looks brand new.

5 | What are you looking forward to seeing more of in Engineered Hardwood in 2014?

First, sustainable forest harvesting. People are becoming more aware of where cheap $5/sq. ft. wood products are coming from and don’t want that. Sustainable European forest products used to cost $20/sq. ft. or more but now the many North American co-operatives have brought the price way down and awareness way up.

Second, rustic and natural oiled finishes are fantastic. I love these types of finishes because they are so easy-care and lifestyle-friendly. No one wants to “dust” their floors or worry about dings and scratches.

“As the Architect and Design Expert for European Flooring Victoria, I enjoy working with talented Designer’s such as Lana Lounsbury. My clients range from Vancouver Island to Whistler and Beyond, and my new blog, “Avant Garde” will be featuring monthly design related features”- Vicky Marieacher.

Thank You to Lana Lounsbury Interiors for your contribution to European Flooring’s April 2014 Blog.

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A Consultative Approach

a-consultative-approachGood customer service is taking care of the client’s needs in a professional, courteous and knowledgeable manner so that they are happy and satisfied with the floor buying experience. This means starting from the beginning by asking questions, listening to the customer and identifying their needs. We try to educate the client on the differences between the different hardwood flooring options and show the customer the benefits of using our products. This way we can suggest, and hopefully provide them with, the best flooring solution for their project.

Buying a floor is typically not a quick, five-minute process and in some cases can be an overwhelming experience for the client so we try to take a consultative approach to assist them with their decision. Because of that, it’s essential that a client budget the time necessary to discuss their project and review the best options.

Choosing a floor is an important decision in any renovation or new construction since it is the foundation of the job and cannot be easily changed afterwards. Therefore, it is in the client’s interest to allow time to discuss the details of their project and examine the pros and cons of different hardwood floor options. A little extra time spent choosing the right product can pay huge dividends in the look and performance of the floor for many years to come.