• Bespoke Collection is an 8” wide plank with a squared edge (no bevel).
  • Anything over 5” wide is considered wide plank hardwood flooring.
  • Atelier Collection (Width 7”-8.75”) available in a Select, Rustic and Reclaimed grade.
  • The wide plank flooring in a select grade gives off a cleaner look with 30-70% fewer knots, and custom finish boards.
  • Less is more when it comes to clean and minimalistic modern design. With wide and long format boards fewer boards are required to cover the space.
  • At European Flooring we bring to the Canadian market the finest extra wide and extra long engineered hardwood flooring. All of our hardwood flooring options are sourced and manufactured from FSC certified forestry. This allows us to harvest only fully grown trees that are not only long and wide, but also hard.
  • Our Bespoke and Terra Collections come in 7.25” consistent length boards, no random lengths.
  • Wide Planks are “in” both for the value they add to a home, and for the beauty they can bring to the room.
  • Wide plank hardwood flooring helps show off the character the natural wood has to offer.
  • It adds a visual flow to any space where it is installed.
  • If you choose to go wide, you’ll want to make sure you request long lengths in your floor boards too. Board length of 7.25 ft these proportions will help visually enhance the appearance of your wide planks, complement a large space and becomes an impressive feature of your living area.
  • The backing on the engineered hardwood allows us to manufacture wide plank hardwood flooring while maintaining structural stability and preventing the floors from cupping.
  • With wide planks covering more surface area, the installation process is generally faster and easier than for narrow planks. If you are in a hurry to get your floor finished, wide planks are an ideal option.
  • One of the main features drawing people to wide planks is the natural beauty and grain detail found within the boards. Unlike narrow planks, the larger width shows more of the patterns, knots and swirls found within the timber, adding character and style to any home. Wide planks also create space within smaller rooms as there are less joins visible compared to narrow planks that can leave a space feeling cramped and busy. Less joins also creates a smoother surface and is considered a more comfortable option by many people.

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