Herringbone And Chevron Flooring

The Difference Between Herringbone And Chevron Flooring

With the popularity of herringbone hardwood floor and chevron hardwood floor steadily increasing over the last few years, there has been more interest in the details and history of these unique patterns. While both options are synonymous with trendy interior spaces, there are differences between the two flooring types, with each offering a distinct and dynamic design result. Read more

Which is Right for You: Chevron Hardwood Floors vs. Herringbone Hardwood Floors

Once you’ve chosen an engineered hardwood flooring product in your favourite style and colour, you may select the pattern you wish to install your floors in. There are a variety of patterns you can use when installing hardwood flooring. While traditional straight and horizontal designs are most common, you can choose a patterned design to create visual interest. A patterned design, such as parquet flooring, herringbone flooring, and chevron flooring will elevate your hardwood floor by making it beautiful design element in your space. Two of the most popular flooring patterns are chevron and herringbone, but how do you know which style is best for your space, style, and needs? Read more