Robertson Residence, Toronto


The customer was looking to replace the floors in their 4 level townhome. The townhouse had concrete sub-floors and the lower level was below grade. This meant they needed a floor that had the stability to be installed below grade and could be installed over concrete sub-floors. The customer’s preference was for a natural exotic hardwood floor in the medium brown colour range.


The customer selected Iroko engineered hardwood flooring. This multi-layer engineered hardwood floor with a marine birch support is designed strictly for glue down installation making it ideal for use over the concrete sub-floor. The structural stability offered by the marine birch meant the wood floor could also be used below grade. They selected Iroko, an African wood species with a natural golden brown colour, because it added warmth and provided the right colour to fit with their furniture and other finishes.

Involved Trade


Materials Used

70mm Width

Color: Medium
Width: 70mm (2 3/4″)
Construction: Multi-layer