The interior designer and home owner were looking for a wood floor that incorporated an earthy feel whilst fitting with the contemporary décor on the house. The home owner also wanted a wood floor that was durable, would have low sheen and reflectivity, and could withstand some wear and tear from entertaining. This was a new custom home build and the project has concrete sub-floors so it was important to find a dimensional stable product that could be glued down over the sub-floor.


The product chosen was the Oak Sahara Grey wood flooring. The Sahara Grey has an earthy colour with some grey, taupe tones that fit the contemporary design. The product comes was a matte urethane, brushed finish. The matte finish is very low gloss so there is no reflectivity and the brushed texture holds up well to wear and tear making it ideal to solve the durability requirement. The 6” plank width also fit within the contemporary décor within shrinking the space visually. Finally, as an engineered floor, the Sahara Grey could be glued down directly on the concrete floors and the 3 layer technology provides a great level of stability.

Involved Trade

Interior Designer: Zebra Design Group
Home Builder: Christopher Development


Materials Used

Terra Collection: Sahara
Color: Medium
Width: 148mm (5 7/8″)
Construction: Three-layer