The client wanted a dark hardwood floor for their new home but needed a floor that was durable and resistant to wear since they have young children and a dog. In addition, the client had opted to use a radiant in-floor heat system for their home so they needed a floor that would also be stable and could be glued down over the in-floor heating.


The client chose LegnoMax 90+ Asian Walnut with the matte finish. The Asian Walnut is naturally quite dark and is substantially darker then the more common black walnut, as well as most other exotic walnut species. Asian Walnut is also a relatively hard wood and when combined with the commercially rated LegnoMax matte finish, is ideal to withstand the extra wear and tear of children and pets. LegnoMax floors have a multi-layer birch backing that provides great stability making them suitable for glue down installation over the radiant heat system.

Involved Trade

Designer: Bruce Wilson Canada
Homebuilder/General Contractor: Hemsworth Construction


Materials Used

LegnoMax 90+ / Asian Walnut
Color: Dark
Width: 90mm (3 1/2″)
Construction: Multi-layer Marine Birch