My Place Restaurant – Toronto


The flooring was being used for the bar area of a restaurant and thus needed to be durable yet attractive to suit the decor. The customer preferred a lower gloss finish for the floor to accentuate the look of the wood while providing a more natural appearance. The customer also had a preference for a medium to wide plank look in warm colour tone wood species.


The product selected was the LegnoMax 120 Jatoba with Matte finish. The Jatoba is a naturally redish-brown wood so it has a naturally warm colour tone. Because the floor is not stained, it also holds up to the commercial wear and tear better then a stained product. The matte aluminium oxide finish is extremely durable and the 4 3/4″ width of the LegnoMax 120 suits the space very well.

Involved Trade

Architect: Anjinnov Management

Materials Used


LegnoMax 120
Colour: Medium
Width: 4 3/4″ 120mm
Construction: Multi-layer