Minto Skyy – Toronto


The developer, Minto, wanted to present their customers with a choice of fashionable laminate decors as the standard flooring, while offering engineered exotic woods as an upgrade option. While durability and price were important, achieving the right style and look of the floors was vital. The builder had a contractor to install the flooring but they needed to find the right supplier with the right product mix.


The builder chose two products, a line of high quality laminates for the standard flooring and the LegnoMax line of engineered hardwood flooring for the upgrades. The laminate range includes decors that resemble exotic woods like Jatoba and Wenge. They also have an exact wood embossed for added realism. We supplied a few exotic woods from the LegnoMax line such as Lapacho and Asian Walnut. LegnoMax was an ideal choice thanks to the multi-ply marine birch support which provides dimensional stability and allows for the hardwood to be glued over the concrete sub-floors.

Involved Trade

Builder: Burnac Corporation

Materials Used

A choice of two different hardwood materials was used in this project.


LegnoMax 90+
Colour: Medium
Width: 90mm ( 3 1/2″)
Construction: Multi-layer


LegnoMax 90+
Colour: Dark
Width: 3 1/2″ 90mm
Construction: Multi-layer