Metchosin, BC


The customer wanted a dark brown tone exotic wood species for their new custom home project. The wood needed to be installed over a radiant in-floor heating system with a gypcrete sub-floor. Therefore, the project required a hardwood floor that was structurally stable and could be glued over the radiant heat to maximize the efficiency of the system. Most importantly, the customer also required an ecologically safe product product that did not produce any off-gassing and would help minimize the accumulation of dust within their home.


The customer selected the naturally dark Wenge wood species from the Listone Giordano engineered glue down line. Listone Giordano is dimensionally stable thanks to its multi-layer marine grade birch backing. The cross plied birch layers minimize expansion and contraction so the floor is warranted for use over the radiant heat system. Furthermore, the floor is designed to be glued down and thus was glued directly to the sub-floor to allow for the best heat transmission. Listone Giordano floors are VOC Free and use environmentally friendly glues for installation, making them the ideal choice.

Involved Trade

Architect: Marko Simcic Architect


Materials Used

Listone Giordano 90

Color: Dark
Width: 90mm (3 1/2″)
Construction: Multi-Layer