Harry Rosen Store – Toronto


The customer was undergoing a complete renovation of a multi-level retail location. They were looking for a dark wood species for one area of the showroom and a medium brown wood species for another area of the store. The floor needed to be extremely durable to withstand the wear and tear of commercial traffic while still being economical to fit within the renovation budget. The store has concrete sub-floors so it was vital that the flooring could be installed over the concrete.


The customer chose 2 woods, Lapacho and Asian Walnut, from the LegnoMax line. Both floors were glued down over the concrete providing a stable flooring solution. Both products selected are also very durable. Lapacho is one of the hardest wood species used for flooring and the Asian Walnut is harder then Oak or Maple. Additionally, the customer selected the Asian Walnut with the commercial matter finish.

Involved Trade

Designer: Harry Rosen internal design department

Materials Used

Two hardwood floors were used in this project.


LegnoMax 90+
Colour: Medium
Width: 90mm (3 1/2″)
Construction: Multi-layer


LegnoMax 90+
Colour: Dark
Width: 90mm (3 1/2″)
Construction: Multi-layer