Boctor Residence – Toronto


The custom built house was designed to be modern and sleek. The customer wanted to use a cherry hardwood to add some warmth and add a contrasting colour for the decor. The house has a hydronic radiant heat system with a gypsum overpour. Therefore, the project required a hardwood floor that was structurally stable and could be glued over the radiant heat to maximize the efficiency of the system.


The customer selected Doussie Africa in an engineered glue down hardwood. The product employs a multi-layer birch backing which stabilizes the boards against expansion and contraction, making the floor capable of withstanding the extra pressure exerted by the heat radiating through the floor. The Doussie wood is a natural African cherry wood and adds warmth to the interior. The square edge milling of the boards is sleek and maintains the modern look of the home.

Involved Trade

Architect: David Fujiwara Architect
Designer: Versus Design
Builder: Berkim Construction Inc.


Materials Used

Piano 90

Color: Medium
Width:  90mm (3 1/2″)
Construction: Multi-layer