9T6 St. Patrick – Toronto


For this 220+ unit condominium in downtown Toronto, the builder wanted to use high quality laminate floors that were durable and well made. The condominium has concrete sub-floors so it was important to use a product that could be installed over the concrete. Finally, the project designer wanted to use floors with a high level of realism including a textured finish to enhance the appearance and resemblance to wood floors.


The builder chose to go with a Belgian made laminate floor from Verona Floors. The laminate range offers tremendous durability and wear resistance. The click together installation system was ideal for the project to help minimize cost while still allowing for installation over the concrete. Finally, the selected flooring comes with a textured real wood embossed surface where the texture matches the grain pattern thus providing the appearance and feel of real wood flooring.

Involved Trade

Builder: Camrost Felcorp
General Contractor: Toddglen Construction