Our Custom Designer Showroom – Toronto

In our Designer Showroom all of the products are displayed in an attractive and inviting setting.

Experience the European Flooring Difference


In the European Flooring designer showroom all the products are displayed in an attractive and inviting setting. Our displays panels are large to truly showcase the floors and provide you with a better understanding and appreciation of the appearance of the flooring. Customers also have the ability to touch the floors and feel the difference between the 50+ surfaces and finish treatments.


Our showroom is a “Nature-Reserve” of Technology. Our Verona Floors Collections are carefully engineered and produced for the North American climate and thus they are among the most dimensionally and structurally stable wood floors on the market. They come only from European sustainable forests and are carefully produced using VOC emission free finishes and adhesives.


Our staff is courteous and professional and we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. We have a dedicated sales team that works hard to satisfy every customer’s needs. Our sales representatives can work with you directly or can meet with your designer, architect, builder and/or contractor to ensure your job is done correctly. At European Flooring you will find everything to make your choice of a new wood floor easy and understandable.

Extraordinary Flooring is the Foundation of Dynamic Designs & Functional Spaces

At European Flooring we believe that extraordinary flooring is the foundation of dynamic designs and functional spaces. The floor is the foundation of your decor, the design element that flows through every space. This is one of the reasons we offer a wide range of woods in different product widths and surface finishes so there is a product for every decor.

Our collections are truly furniture for your floors

At European Flooring we believe in providing exceptional wood floors that capture the beauty and essence of nature while providing designer solutions for your flooring needs.

As the foundation of your space, we also believe it is important that you select the right hardwood floor for your project. Our philosophy is that “One size does not fit all“. We know each customer has their own preferences and each project has its own special requirements. We also know that there is a floor that can satisfy each project. That is why we take the time to ask questions and learn about each project so that we can work with our customers to find the most appropriate floor to fit your application and meet your needs.