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    Certified Hardwood Flooring Installation Service

Custom Hardwood Flooring Certified Installation Services

At European Flooring we provide full service for our customers including everything from project cost estimation to complete flooring installation. We use experienced and skilled professional flooring installers and we pride ourselves on our superior installation service. Whether your job requires a standard parallel installation or the project calls for something more complex like a chevron or herringbone installation, our installers take the time to make sure the floor is installed carefully and correctly. We demand high standards for productivity and quality from our installation crews so we can ensure the job is done well.

Installation Services Include:

  • Removal

    We provide removal and disposal services of your existing floor. This includes removing your old flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl tile, hardwood flooring and carpet.

  • Preparation

    We can complete any sub-floor preparation that may be needed to guarantee proper flooring installation including leveling a concrete sub-floor or installing new sheets of plywood. Having a flat and solid sub-floor is important to a proper wood floor installation and will help prevent issues from occurring in the future.

  • Acoustic Underlay

    Installation of acoustic underlay. We offer a few different options of underlay depending on your budget, sound and job requirements.

  • Certified Installation

    Depending on the product you select and the job requirements, we can provide glue down installation, glue together floating installation, floating click installation and nail/staple down installation of your hardwood flooring.

  • Finishing

    We offer services such as installation of baseboards, quarter round, shoe molding, transitions and/or reducers to add the finishing touch to any project.

Installation Crews of European Flooring

Custom Hardwood & Engineered Flooring Service

Furthermore, because we stand behind our product and service, European Flooring offers a warranty on the installation service in addition to the product warranty offered by the manufacturer. This translates into peace of mind for our customers because they can count on the job being done right. European Flooring stands with our customer every step of the way making us a true full service flooring retailer.

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