European Flooring offers our clients certified flooring installation to ensure that their new engineered hardwood flooring is expertly installed. Our installation service is certified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and we offer all clients a Lifetime Structural Warranty that guarantees their flooring will stand the test of time.

Our installation team undergoes intensive training on installing our products according to the NWFA Installation Standards and Regulations. They also undertake rigorous training on the various methods of engineered wood floor installation, in accordance to our European Manufacture Standards.

European Flooring’s installation services are available to Ontario clients within the Greater Toronto Area, including the regions of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York.

Installation Crews of European Flooring

We Install Custom European Old World Patterns

Whether the job requires a standard parallel installation, or something more complex like a chevron or herringbone hardwood floor installation, our installers take the time to make sure that the floor is carefully and correctly installed. We demand high standards for productivity and quality from our installation crews, so we can ensure that the job is done well. We use the most experienced and skilled professional flooring installers in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our superior installation service.

Discover Our Process

We offer full-service installation: from conducting a full inspection to ensure that the area is ready to be floored, to carpet/ tile/ flooring removal, to our NWFA certified installation service.

  • Removal of existing floor

    We provide removal and disposal services of the existing floor. This includes the removal of ceramic tile, vinyl tile, hardwood flooring, and carpet.

  • Preparation of sub-floor

    We complete any sub-floor preparation, including leveling a concrete sub-floor or installing new sheets of plywood. Having a flat and solid sub-floor is important for proper wood floor installation.

  • Acoustic underlay installation

    We install acoustic underlay. We offer a few different options of underlay depending on budget, sound, and job requirements.

  • Certified hardwood installation

    We provide glue down installation, glue together floating installation, floating click installation, and nail/staple down installation of your new hardwood flooring.

  • Finishing services

    We offer services such as the installation of baseboards, quarter round, shoe molding, transitions, and/or reducers to add the finishing touch to any project.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do hardwood installation projects typically take?

Installation durations vary according to the size of the space, the type of installation method, and the requirements of the project.

Why should I partner with European Flooring’s installers, rather than attempting to install the flooring myself?

At European Flooring, we pride ourselves in our 17 years of proven customer satisfaction rate. The quality of our installation can be viewed in our Residential and Commercial Project Portfolios. We provide full-service installations for our customers, including on-site inspection, pre-installation preparation, project cost estimation, and complete flooring installation.

Through years of experience working with our flooring products, our team of flooring experts have mastered the art of flooring installation.

Our certified installation service provides our clients with a Lifetime Structural Warranty on their installation, and ensures that the project is completed according to the NWFA regulations and standards.

What are the benefits of choosing European Flooring’s installers over a general handyman service?

By choosing European Flooring, we guarantee that the installation will be completed according to the NWFA Standards. You’ll also benefit from a Lifetime Structural Warranty your flooring and peace of mind that the job was expertly done.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the flooring installation?

We request that homeowners move all furniture out of the intended flooring area prior to our team’s arrival, so the space is ready for the project to begin. If assistance is required, we recommend that they get in touch with a professional moving company.

Will my space be left in good condition after the installation?

European Flooring’s certified installers will ensure that the space is cleared once the installation process has been completed and all waste has been disposed.

What steps do European Flooring’s installers take to minimize inconveniences during the installation process?

A few precautions that our installation team takes to minimize inconveniences to homeowners during the installation process are:

  • Our flooring team is comprised of experienced and intricately trained flooring experts. This ensures that they’re able to work as efficiently as possible, while guaranteeing that all steps involved in the installation process meet NWFA Standards and Regulations.
  • All material packaging and debris is cleared from the project area following the installation, making the space ready for use and the placement of furniture.
  • We recommend purchasing our Dutch-made flooring protection to protect floored areas while the installation is in progress. This ensures that there is no damage done to the new flooring. Our Verona Floors Premium Cover + flooring protection is breathable, spill resistant, and minor impact resistant.

Warranty And Lifetime Guarantee

Life Time Guarantee and Warranty

One of the key advantages of choosing European Flooring’s NWFA Certified Installation Service is that we offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty on our installations. Our clients know that their project is in good hands and their flooring will be long-lasting.

Enhance your space with quality engineered wood flooring.