Introducing the Global Collection by Verona Floors

introducing-the-global-collection-by-verona-floorsExtraordinary tones of warm grays and earthly browns are just some of the unique new colours the Global Collection has to offer! These decors are inspired by the latest European colour and design trends. Found exclusively at European Flooring, the Global Collection features extra wide, extra long planks enhanced with brushing and smoking techniques that make these natural colours looksupernatural!

Finished with biodegradable, natural oils you’ll be glad to know these engineered hardwood floors are friendly to the environment, to your home and to you. Their stains are solvent free and pass the highest standards for low formaldehyde emissions and off gassing; this means a healthier living environment for everyone.

The Global Collection consists of a sandable 4 mm European white oak top layer with a multi-layer birch support. The use of Baltic birch, combined with precise milling and special drying techniques, increases the structural stability of the floor. As a result, this product can be installed over radiant in-floor heating systems, over concrete sub-floors and below grade.


CARE Awards for Vancouver Island

care-awards-for-vancouver-islandVictoria’s European Flooring Showroom is going for the Gold by entering 3 nomination categories in the 2012 CHBA CARE Awards.

The Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence (CARE) Awards is the premier housing event on Vancouver Island, celebrating West Coast Design and Craftmanship in the Industry” says Lee MacFarlane, Chair of the 2012 CARE Awards.

After taking home the Silver Award for Best Sales Centre or Showroom in 2010, European Flooring entered the 2012 Award Ceremonies with 3 nominations for outstanding work.

European’s Flooring’s 2012  CARE Awards nominations include:

“Best Sales Centre or Showroom”, where the Architecturally designed space pays respect to the large display samples of Fine European Engineered Hardwood, while allowing ease of navigation in a gallery like setting.

“Best Customer Service”, for providing quality in service as a founding principal.

Extensive product knowledge and mastery is sheer proof of the quality testimonials that European Flooring has deservedly received.

“Best Website” where sophistication, and ease of use and navigation meet professional photos that showcase the wide breadth of flooring lines, and an easy to use product finder to help customers narrow their search.

“Entering these 3 categories of the CHBA CARE Awards really gives us the opportunity to showcase how European Flooring is the Canadian Flooring Industry Leader.

We have confidence in our products, service, and commitment to sustainability.

We are excited to participate again in such a commendable event, that rewards outstanding companies in the Building Industry on Vancouver Island..”  Says Vicky Marieacher, Operations Manager for European Flooring, Victoria, BC. 

The Gold Winners of the CHBA CARE Awards will be announced at the gala event on Friday, September 14th at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Prior to the event the public will be asked to select the winner of the Annual People’s Choice Award from among the CARE awards finalists.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

patterns-patterns-patternsSince the 18th Century, when the ‘Parquet de Versailles’ was first used at Louis XIVth’s palace in Paris, these stylish boards have been at the height of fashionable wooden flooring. Other patterns such as chevron and herring-bone are also classics and they are all making a comeback.

Patterned engineered hardwood flooring is made out of many pieces of wood, interlocking together to create a pattern. With patterned flooring, the possibilities are endless. From simple to elaborate, European Flooring’s manufacturers can create it.

Hardwood flooring patterns have been long associated with class and prestige. In the 18th century these patterns became an integral part of the high society’s residences architecture. Castles all over Europe are covered with parquet flooring. One of the most common parquet wood flooring patterns is the chevron design, as seen in this image. The chevron pattern, due to its clean lines, is great for modern decors.

Herringbone patterns leave a remarkable impression when installed in large rooms. This pattern is not recommended for small rooms, since it will make a room look even smaller. Because of its exquisite beauty and symmetry, herringbone has always been a popular choice for wood flooring patterns.

However, consumers should be aware that these beautiful patterns have a much higher than normal waste factor and require skilled installers and precise milling; factors that will drive up you’re flooring cost. That said, if you can afford it, the final look is worth the expense.

Quality Check: “Hitting the Floor” with European Flooring

quality-check-hitting-the-floor-with-european-flooringAn online article from

The new QUALITY CHECK – Q&A FOR BUSINESS comes from Zech, manager of European Flooring, the supplier and installer of premium hardwood flooring in Victoria B.C. Check out their thoughts on good customer service:

1) In one or two sentences, define good customer service according to European Flooring?

Good customer service is taking care of the client’s needs in a professional, courteous and knowledgeable manner so that they are happy and satisfied with the floor buying experience. This means starting from the beginning by asking questions, listening to the customer and identifying their needs. We try to educate the client on the differences between the different hardwood flooring options and show the customer the benefits of using our products. This way we can suggest, and hopefully provide them with, the best flooring solution for their project.

2) From a retail perspective, what’s one of your customer service pet peeves?

Buying a floor is typically not a quick, five-minute process and in some cases can be an overwhelming experience for the client so we try to take a consultative approach to assist them with their decision. Because of that, it’s essential that a client budget the time necessary to discuss their project and review the best options.

Choosing a floor is an important decision in any renovation since it is the foundation of the job and cannot be easily changed afterwards. Therefore, it is in the client’s interest to allow time to discuss the details of their project and examine the pros and cons of different hardwood floor options. A little extra time spent choosing the right product can pay huge dividends in the look and performance of the floor for many years to come.

3) Can you provide an example of how you turned a bad experience into a good one through customer service?

We recently had a customer who had spent over $60,000 with another company on two hardwood floors that failed and had to be torn out. Because he had bought the flooring from one company and arranged for his own installer, they each pointed to the other for the floor’s failure and the homeowner had no recourse.

When we were called in to help, we completed a thorough on-site inspection that allowed us to identify and address any underlying problems and were able to help the client choose an appropriate engineered hardwood floor for his needs. And because we offer both exceptional products and full installation services, we fully cover all of our flooring installations, meaning the client could rest assured that in unlikely event of a future concern, we would be there to help.

European Flooring takes part in IDIBC’s 2nd Annual Design Exchange Event

european-flooring-takes-part-in-idibcs-2nd-annual-design-exchange-eventJoin us on Friday, March 23rd,  where European Flooring will participate in IDIBC’s second annual “Design Exchange Event” at Victoria’s elegant, Hotel Grand Pacific.

Among 50 manufacturers, suppliers, Interior Designers, and Architects, European Flooring will be showcasing our stunning Wide Plank Collection of Engineered Flooring from Europe. We will have on display our popular, and completely customizable, L’Amour France and Planed Dutch collections.

The show information is as follows:

Location: Hotel Grand Pacific, 463 Belleview Street, Victoria, BC V8V 1X3

Date & Time: Friday, March 23, 2012

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 16, 2012

For more information & registration please visit

What can a Hardwood Floor do for the Planet?

what-can-a-hardwood-floor-do-for-the-planetMan and wood have always had a special relationship, and today more then ever this relationship is reaching for the future.

Wood is fundamental for its ability to absorbing and retaining carbon dioxide. If we unite this natural characteristic with the low amount of emissions required to process and transform the wood itself, with respect to other building materials used in construction, it’s even easier to understand why wood has the leading role in the fight against climate change.

If the wood in question is a L’Amour France/European Flooring hardwood floor, then the planet will thank you twice. 

Its chain of guardianship certification, together with its origins in forests managed in a sustainable manner, allows the planet’s forests to grow and amplifies the environmentally beneficial effects of the wood. Every tree is cut at the peak of its life cycle and is substituted by a sapling which, while growing, will absorb more carbon dioxide than its older predecessor.

L’Amour France/European Flooring hardwood floors even works in favor of the environment after having been installed in the home. They improve thermal efficiency, balance environmental humidity, inhibit the accumulation of electrostatic charges and, since its adhesives and varnishes are totally free of toxic solvents and emissions, create natural conditions for a healthy living.


Protect Yourself and Your Floors

protect-yourself-and-your-floorsAlthough spring may be around the corner, winter is not over yet.  Just how we protect ourselves appropriately from the dry and harsh weather, we should do the same for our hardwood floors.

As we turn up the heat in our homes this season, the air becomes too dry if not balanced with humidification. When the air is too dry it can present health issues for people. Similarly, wood is also negatively affected by very dry conditions. Although your engineered hardwood floors handle the stress of variability in humidity well, hardwood is still a natural substance and adapts to its surrounding environment. When relative humidity is very low, wood gives off moisture, which causes contraction and gapping in the floor. It is essential that you maintain a constant humidity level between 35% and 55%. If necessary, purchase a humidifier to do so and ensure that it is working properly to achieve the target range.

By maintaining a proper humidity level you will create an environment that is healthy for you and helps the performance and appearance of your floor.


A 100 Year Old Trick

a-100-year-old-trickNatural oil finishes have been used to finish wood for hundreds of years yet varnishes have dominated the hardwood flooring industry only in recent decades.

Oil is a remarkable finish that offers excellent durability and renewability with a unique finish. It will never crack, blister or flake off. Instead of forming a plastic film, like synthetic varnishes do, oil has open pores that “breathe.”

Applying a natural oil finish to a hardwood floor will emit zero VOCs and leave you without that harsh chemical scent. Oil is not a surface coating. The product is designed to become part of the wood by penetrating, bonding and hardening with the first layer of wood. Nourishing wood with natural oils supports the notion that you are living with your wood and in turn, the wood responds to the appropriate care that’s given.

Spot repairs are easy! There’s no need to strip the whole floor or even to remove old oil. For minor repairs, you can just apply oil to the damaged area and simply witness as the wood heals. As natural oils enhance the durable nature of wood, applying the maintenance oil to your floor periodically will rejuvenate it and always have the finish looking naturally radiant. Over time, reparability is more important than durability.